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Sassy Sandi - Chicago Knockers Sassy Sandi 2006

Chicago Knockers from Darrick L. on Vimeo.

Long before the American Knockers were ever thought of, the mother of all mud wrestling teams was the Chicago Knockers in the 1980's - America's original all female mudwrestling team. I was on that team with many truly gifted girls, and the American Knockers of today are indeed our progeny, whom we are very proud to have continue our legacy as the best mud wrestlers in America - bar none! Please feel welcome to explore the pages of my website photo album and experience a part of our past and a look at our history. "This Mud's For You!":

The Original Chicago Knockers - circa 1979 - Golden Fox, Snake Lady,
The Chicago Knockers circa 1979
with Sassy Sandi (fourth from left)

Sandi at the Chicago Knockers Alumni Reunion in Marietta GA hosted by Tazmanian Devil (Sabra)

Yes, in the 1980's I was a member of the
Chicago Knockers Women's Mudwrestling Team

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America's original all female mudwrestling team

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